The Sylvan Forest has an organized system of classes with topics ranging from the basics of Wicca for new students to in-depth initiate topics and projects for advanced students. Taking classes with the Sylvan Forest does not commit you to, nor does it promise you a dedication or initiation.

We offer an opportunity for dedication, and for three different levels of initiation. Our third degree initiates are legal  ministers and are able to perform initiations, marriage ceremonies, and other rites of passage.

Introductory Classes

The first set of classes is an introductory course on Wicca and the Sylvan Forest. In these classes we cover topics such as the Lord and Lady, the Sabbats, the elements, solar and lunar cycles, candle charging, basics of energy work, circle structure, cones, and more. We also talk about the Sylvan Forest, what traditions are specific to our group and to the Unicorn Tradition, and what group membership means. This class generally meets every other week, (usually on the weekend) for about four hours per class. The schedule does change occasionally because we try to accommodate the schedules of as many of the prospective students as possible. These introductory classes run about three months. We use this set of classes as an opportunity for you to get to know us and find out about what our group is all about, and for us to get to know you.

Neophyte Classes

For those who continue with the Sylvan Forest after completion of the Introductory classes, we offer Neophyte classes which meet for about a year and a half. In this set of classes we go into more detail on many individual subjects such as circle construction, healing, dream work, auras, sacred space, astral projection, mythology, and astrology.

Initiate Classes

For those students who continue on to take an initiation with us, we also offer Initiate classes which meet bimonthly and run indefinitely. In these classes the subjects are more interactive and directly linked to the needs of the students. There is a lot of material covered, and we also work on the skills needed for the different degree levels of the initiates.

We are currently gathering names of people who are interested in joining the next set of classes, which will be starting soon. So, if you are interested in classes please let us know.