When visiting, or taking introductory classes, one is considered a guest.  If a student continues on past introductory class, they can officially join the Sylvan Forest.  Becoming a member of the Sylvan Forest is a voluntary agreement by the seeker, the Priest and Priestess, and the other group members.  Active membership within the Sylvan Forest also makes one a member of the Unicorn Tradition.


Each member is a part of the energy framework of our group and so is expected to participate in outer court activities and classes, to his or her ability.  Initiate level members of the Sylvan Forest assist with more central activities of the group and participate in things such as assisting with ritual, classes, planning activities, etc.  Priests and Priestesses within the Sylvan Forest each contribute in his or her own way, teaching or writing classes, leading ritual, acting as mentors for initiation candidates, etc.


Our members have a diversity of professions, talents, and interests.  And, while our group is located in Smyrna, we have several members who travel from Alabama and North Georgia.  Many of the Sylvan Forest members get together for outside activities such as trips to local events, Stone Mountain, craft sessions, camping trips, and pagan festivals.


We have group members of a wide age range.  Several of the members of our group have young children and we try to include them in the activities if at all possible.

Seekers must be at least 18 years of age or attend with a parent, or have the parent’s complete consent to participate.